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Best Dog Food For Yorkies

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Many people, when searching for the best dog food for Yorkies, fool themselves into believing that they can give a generic dog food to their little terrier. What they don’t understand is the fact that Yorkies, being toy breeds and purebred dogs, have specific nutritional needs. And these nutritional needs can only be met if you give them specific foods.

It is where this article comes into play.

We know that Yorkies have small mouths and an extremely large appetite, in comparison to other dogs. That is to say that while they require small pieces of dog food, they require it in large amounts.

Hence, Yorkies need food which has high levels of fat, crude protein, and carbohydrates. And don’t you worry that such an astronomical intake of food might result in weight gain of your puppy? For, Yorkies are extremely agile, which means they will have no problem digesting large quantities of food.

Now that we have busted some myths, let’s turn our attention to the five best dog food for Yorkies:

ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult dry dog food

Extremely inexpensive, this dry dog food has won the hearts of many dog lovers of late. What’s more, since it specifically targets the Yorkshire Terrier breed, there are very few chances of anything going wrong should you choose to feed it to your dog.


As we have mentioned earlier, Yorkies don’t have a problem digesting food, as their agility takes care of that. Where the problem lies, however, is when the food is in their mouths.

In simple words, since they have small mouths, there is a greater danger of tartar and dental plaque formation. And once the problem starts, you can do nothing but to undertake a visit to the local vet.

If you want to keep these problems at bay, this dry dog food will help. It contains specialized kibbles that are neither too short not too large for your Yorky’s mouth. Consequently, he will have less problem in chewing them into his stomach, which means there are fewer chances of tartar or dental plaque formation.

This dry food has two chief suppliers of protein: meat concentrate and chicken-by product meal. The latter contains 300% more protein than the former hence its inclusion should suggest that this dry food will fulfil the protein requirements of your puppy.

Brown rice has also been mentioned as an ingredient and to be fair, its inclusion didn’t fill me with delight. Yes, it does have a good natural energy content but, on the whole, it can all but provide a modest nutritional value to your dog.

Finally, in an indication that this dog food is safe, it has no artificial flavors. Rather, only natural flavors have been used to add aroma, scent, and taste to it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Less plaque and tartar formation
  • Contains no artificial preservatives
  • Promotes coat and skin health


  • Not recommended for Yorkies with a sensitive stomach

Final Verdict

Yorkies, as we all know, are food lovers. Hence, it is our responsibility to feed them with food which is beneficial for them. Thankfully, this ROYAL CANIN food falls into that category.


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0076Y3C9E/?tag=multimns-20While you can feed the abovementioned dog food to dogs of any age, this one is restricted to those between 8 and 12 years of age. Hence, before you look into its features, this is an important factor to remember.


Ask vets, and they suggest that you should only give high-quality protein to your Yorky. You might ask: what is the source of high quality protein? Well, chicken is one, and much to your happiness, this product contains chicken.

Although meat-by products also provide protein, their nutritional value fades away when compared with a raw meal. Thus, with this dog food providing meat in meal form, you can take solace from the fact that it would only provide high quality protein.

Another advantage of this food item – which not many others offer, is its dry form. Being toy breeds, yorkies are more susceptible to suffer from dental diseases because of the fact their teeth are difficult to clean.

Consequently, you need dry food for the fact that with no water whatsoever, it will keep the Yorkie’s teeth clean and won’t allow any space to the plaque already present there.

Finally, this product contains ingredients i.e. brewers, corn gluten meal and fish oil which combine to give your dog better vitality support, a good transit and healthy coat condition. What’s more, to lure your Yorky towards eating this dog food, the presence of Rosemary extract has filled it with a sweet aroma, making it irresistible to ignore.


  • Improves Coat Condition
  • Source of high-quality protein
  • Improves the energy levels of the yorky
  • Gives him a Strong Immune System


  • Doesn’t contain chelates, minerals which make dog food easier to digest

Final Verdict

Chelates or no chelates, Yorkies are so agile that they will make short shift of any food you give them. Hence, for all the problems Yorkies might have, digesting food quickly isn’t one. Consequently, you can buy this product without any reservations.

Waggers Tendermoist Small Breeds Soft and Moist Turkey and Salmon Recipe Dog Food

Although a glance at this dog food’s price tag might tingle your nerves – since it is anything but cheap, its features do more than enough to justify the hefty price tag.


Yorkies, like any other dog breed, are susceptible to getting allergic to foods. The causes might be numerous, the allergy results in your dog falling sick. What’s worse, in such a scenario, you can never rule out the possibility of a visit to the local vet.

To make sure you never have to face such a situation, this dog food comes into play.

Consult the Internet, and you might find many ingredients being the cause of dog allergies. Of the many, two are the most dangerous: starch and grain. However, since this food contains neither, it means you can feed it to your dog with minimal chances of a blowback.

To fill up the space left vacant after the omission of starch and grains, this dog food contains both probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are the “good bacteria” that help improve the digestion process in your dog’s stomach and contribute to his immune system as well.

Consequently, their presence will make sure your dog has a healthy coat and a functioning immune system.

As for the prebiotics, they help in the formation of probiotics – also known as the good bacteria. Hence, while they don’t directly affect your dog’s health, they improve it indirectly by promoting the formation of probiotics.


  • Best for sensitive dogs
  • Contains 90% Premium Animal Proteins
  • Has Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Improve digestibility


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Although this Waggers Tendermoist Dog Food has just recently come to the market – which means you might not find it in your local store, it has all the necessary ingredients to merit a purchase.

NUTRO ULTRA Puppy Dry Dog Food

Of all the products mentioned in this review, none is as famous as the NUTRO Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food. Is the fame justified? Let’s find out.


It is true your Yorky doesn’t need carbohydrates in large amounts. However, it is not true that he doesn’t need them to be high quality. For, if you are giving him high-quality carbs, you’re giving him fiber – a necessary ingredient if you want to keep your dog’s health in check.

And by including flaxseed in the ingredients used in the manufacturing of this dry food, NURO Ultra has provided you with a similar, high-quality carbs source. What’s more, thanks to the mammoth 19% protein, flaxseed is also the best non-animal source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Did I just mention fatty acids? You bet I did. As ardent dog lovers might tell, fatty acids are a rich source of antioxidants, which, in turn, create a resilient, strong immune system. Consequently, with high levels of quality carbs and carbohydrates, this dog food ensures both the weight maintenance as well as long, sustained energy sources for your dog.

Finally, this product contains no artificial flavor, preservatives, color or meat by-products. Hence, on one end, it would promote healthy coat and skin, the NUTRO Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food has no harmful ingredients to harm your dog’s health, on the other.


  • No artificial flavor, preservatives or color
  • Has high-energy, high-quality protein and carbs
  • Promotes gut health
  • Has no wheat, soy or corn


  • Yorkies sensitive to grain products might not be able to eat it

Final Verdict

If your yorky doesn’t have food allergies, the NUTRO Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food will boost both his health and his immune system. Also, it despite its popularity, it doesn’t cost much, so you won’t have to pay over the odds for a quality dog food.

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe Dog Treats

Chicken or Beef? A question that always draws the attention of dog lovers. However, like other questions which are more contentious – i.e. dry or wet food, the common consensus suggests that beef is the ultimate winner in providing your dog a high-quality food. That is if you can afford to pay the price which this highly-nutritious food item demands.


In the light of the abovementioned discussion, you might ask: why the beef? While beef has nearly the same protein content as chicken, it is the presence of vitamins and minerals which increase its importance, and ultimately the price.

For, dog’s bodies need Vitamins like Vitamin D and B12 to function properly, and beef is a great source of both. Also, since the nutritious value of beef is much more than chicken, your Yorky won’t consume loads of it. As a result, his weight will remain in check.

Another thing which comes with beef – and which chicken lovers can only dream of, is a savory flavor. Hence, if your dog says no to virtually anything you place in front of him, this dog-food will whet his appetite.

That said, if you believe chicken is what your Yorky needs – or what his vet has recommended, fear not as this product, though not in large quantity, also contains chicken. And you might be happy to know that the food will come inside a plastic jar, hence making it easier for you to store it.

Finally, despite all its advantages, this dog food has one major shortcoming: it isn’t recommended for dogs with allergies since it contains both corn and starch.


  • Delicious flavor would make your dog an addict
  • Has Vitamins and Minerals
  • Comes in little snacks, hence perfect for Yorkies
  • Eatable for dogs of all sizes


  • Cannot be used by dogs who are allergic

Final Verdict

Sometimes, in a bid to improve your dog’s health, you should spend a bit over the odds on his food. I’m saying this because this dog food WILL require you to pay over the odds. That said, while its price is a bit steep, all your price-related regrets will be gone once you buy and use this item.


In a quality which comes from them being purebreds, Yorkies need specific foods. And unless you don’t provide them, they might not exhibit the agility for which they are famous. That is the reason why we compiled the best dog food for Yorkies. Try it, and let us know how your puppy savored the treat.

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