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Best Dog Food For Great Danes

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As their slow metabolism, imposing physical size yet fragile breed might testify:

Finding the best dog food for great Danes is very hard.

Or is it not?

To be honest, it isn’t, as long as you know what the ingredients are which make a dog food the best for great Danes. That is, however, the job only half done. For, you also need to know which ingredients Great Danes don’t like.

It is where this article comes into play.

After asking dozens of real dog owners, reading dog food reviews and scouring the Internet, we have been able to compile a list of the five best dog food for Great Danes. These foods, apart from keeping your Gentle Giant happy, won’t hamper his health as well.

Want to know more about our selection? Scroll down.

Solid Gold Holistic Dog Food for Small & Toy Breeds

Sometimes, due to their small size but huge appetite, Great Danes’ stomach gets upset. In these times, no matter how hard you try, no food will suit him. If your gentle giant is suffering from any such condition, this dog food is a must-have.


What makes this dog food the best for sensitive stomachs, you might ask? Well, two things. First, it contains no fillers like wheat, corn or soy – ingredients which mostly upset a dog’s stomach. Their absence here means that this dog food is safe for your Great Dane.

Second, it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, meaning there are no chemicals at play here to cause any allergies. It means that even if your dog doesn’t have a sensitive stomach – but you want him to remain safe for times to come, Solid Gold has given you a way forward.

We have stated above that Great Danes have slow metabolism – which means they need food which digests easily on its own with little effort from their side. Luckily, since this dog food is rich in solid fiber – which results in thick stools, it will result in gentle digestion.

As for the proteins, you can take stock of the fact that the chicken used in this food – which is always the most important source of proteins in dog foods, isn’t a by-product or an ingredient of slaughterhouse waste. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any breast, beak or feet. It means you are getting a high-quality, premium source of protein.


  • Easy to digest
  • Contains high-quality proteins
  • Has the recommended amount of fats and fibers
  • Small size of kibbles makes them easy to chew


  • Not suitable for dogs who have a low level of activity

Final Verdict

If your Great Dane does anything but taking long naps for hours – which means he remains busy, this is the best dog food for him.

Solid Gold Holistic Dog Food – Lamb, Brown Rice and Barley

If your dog doesn’t have a sensitive stomach but does have a high level of activity, this combination of lamb, barley, and brown rice will give him the required amount of calories to compensate for his hyper-activeness.


As the mere mention of lamb in the list of ingredients might imply, this dog food is a source of high-quality proteins. Proteins are crucial in building, maintaining and healing your dog’s body tissues while also regulating his immune function to make sure he remains protected from pathogens.

Another thing which Lamb meat is famous for is the presence of amino acids. These amino acids, in turn, are essential to maintaining your dog’s skin, hair and muscle health while also making antibodies and hormones like insulin.

Finally, like other meat sources, lamb also provides dietary fats which, in addition to providing a good dosage of energy, also result in the easy digestion of fat-soluble vitamins, hence making sure the process of digestion is sped up.

Moving on, this dog food contains large amounts of vitamins – i.e. Vitamin B12, D3, E and A. In case you were wondering, these ingredients haven’t been added just to populate the ingredient-list. Rather, all of them combine to give your dog a healthy coat and skin.

Finally, though not in as high an amount as other ingredients, this dog food also contains flaxseed. Flaxseed is a source of high-quality carbs and fibers. While dogs don’t usually require carbs in abundance, you need to give them fibers to make sure they have a fast digestion process, which means they won’t bulk up.


  • Fibers would keep your dog’s weight in check
  • Lamb meat is both nutritious and has a delicious taste
  • Vitamins promote the health of coat and skin


  • Isn’t suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Final Verdict

This dog food is NOT for dogs who have a sensitive stomach. Hence, if your dog hasn’t suffered from stomach imbalance in the past, go for it.

Solid Gold Holistic Grain Free Dog Food with Superfoods, Dry and Wet

One of the most famous – and certainly the most expensive dog food of this review, this dog food comes in five flavors: of which we have selected chicken for this review. Let’s find out how it fared.


Although its manufacturers might state otherwise, I would not recommend this dog food for sensitive stomach dogs for the simple reason that it contains lentils.

Yes, it doesn’t contain any grain, gluten or soy – the common allergens, but the presence of lentils means that it might result in stomach cramping. Hence, if you have a habit of being doubly careful, better avoid it if your dog does have a sensitive stomach.

Moving on from what it won’t do what it would, this dog food would be brilliant if your dog has a dry, flaky skin. Most people dish out mouth-watering sums on shampoos and conditioners to give their dog a silky appearance. What they don’t know is the fact that by adding a small amount of olive oil to their dog’s diet, they can get the same results.

Hence, since it contains a reasonable amount of olive oil in its recipe, this dog food will give your dog a silky, smooth and shiny coat. Another advantage which olive oil provides is a better immune system. It contains rich-amounts of carotenoids and polyphenols both of which are known for aiding your dog’s immune system.

Finally, added with the olive oil – and giving away additional benefits, is salmon oil. Containing large amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Salmon Oil helps to prevent skin allergies, is an immune system regulator and also reduces inflammation to battle diseases such as arthritis.


  • Boosts the immune system
  • Gives your dog a beautiful coat
  • Helps fight inflammation which may lead to arthritis


  • Costly

Final Verdict

If you can afford to spend a considerable amount on your dog’s food, this is the best dog food for your Great Dane. Yes, it is costly, but its benefits do more than enough to justify the price tag.

Solid Gold Holistic High Protein Dog Food with Superfoods – Salmon & Krill Meal

Though not as famous as its Chicken-containing counterpart from Solid Gold, this dog food is certainly as advantageous. Have doubts? The below mentioned features are enough to prove them wrong.


What advantage does the addition of Krill Meal has given to this dog food? Well, while the benefits are numerous, the most important is the addition of Omega-3 fatty acids. Most other dog foods provide Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil. However, as various studies have told, it has more cons than pros.

That, however, doesn’t mean that you should dump Omega-3 because it can be found in fish oil. For, in addition to boosting the bio-availability of dogs, such fatty acids improve his skin and coat health, boosts normal reproduction, strengthen his immune system and also add calories to his diet. All in all, they are a must-have ingredient in your dog’s diet.

As we have stated above, your dog doesn’t need large amounts of carbs – but does need a good fiber intake to improve his digestion.

By including salmon oil in the recipe, this dog food provides just that. For, where at one end it provides moderate calories and low carbs to make sure your dog doesn’t gain weight, the addition of dietary fiber promotes your dog’s gastrointestinal health, on the other.

Lastly, apart from containing other, useful ingredients, this dog food also contains probiotics. Feed it to your dog, and he’d have a decrease chance of contracting diarrhea. What’s more, he’d also be likelier to give a better response to vaccines.


  • Contains Probiotics
  • Has added minerals and no artificial preservatives
  • Have high-quality sources of protein
  • Inexpensive


  • No chelates, minerals which aid in digestion

Final Verdict

Although it is relatively new, this dog food containing salmon and krill meal has been making all the right noises of late. It would be a valuable addition to your dog’s diet provided you want him to have a happy stomach, a healthy coat, and a functioning immune system.

Merrick 1 Count Backcountry Big Game Recipe

If you are looking for a perfect combination of high-quality proteins, grain-free diet and raw-meat in your dog’s food, the Merrick 1 Count Big Game Recipe means you are in dreamland.


Do you know the one thing which Great Danes love the most in their meal? Yes, the taste of fresh meat. It doesn’t matter how costly other diets are, they would forego everything just for this taste.

Luckily, since it contains frozen and dried real raw meat, this dog food will give your Gentle Giant the fresh taste of raw meat which he’ll never forget. It means if your dog has a habit of turning away from anything you place in his eating plate, this dog food will be a game changer.

To give away high-quality proteins, Merrick hasn’t only relied on the normal chicken used by other dog manufacturers. Rather, it has gone for exotic blends of vension, rabbit, and salmon, all of whom combine to give this good an exotic protein blend.

More importantly, to function properly, dog’s bodies need copious amounts of Vitamins like B12 and D, both of which are provided by the deboned beef contained in this dog food. Crucially, since the nutritious value of beef dwarfs that of chicken, your dog would consume less while getting an equal amount of nutrition. Consequently, his weight would remain in check.


  • Has the delicious flavor of raw meat
  • Contains both minerals and vitamins
  • Comes in small-sized kibbles
  • Has an exotic protein blend
  • Great for dogs with allergies


  • Some customers have complained of faulty shipping

Final Verdict

To be honest, customers complaining of faulty shipping were in the minority, which means you have got to be extremely unlucky to get a faulty bag if you order this dog food. However, if you are in luck like the majority, you’ll get a dog food which your Great Dane will fall in love with.

Final Verdict

Finding the best dog food for Great Danes wasn’t an easy task. Not only we had to keep their diet considerations in check, we also had to find foods which complemented their slow metabolism. Luckily, as the abovementioned products might suggest, our search was fruitful. Please tell us if/when you use any of these products how it worked out for your dog.

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