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Best Dog Food for Dog With Allergies

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Before searching for the best dog food for dog with allergies, you first need to know what the allergy is, and how was it caused in the first place? After all, if you don’t know what the ailment is, you cannot prescribe its cure.

Symptoms and Causes of Dog Allergies

Although no two dogs might have the same allergy, the symptoms are mostly common. A non-seasonal itching might start focusing either the whole body or feet and ears. Some dogs with allergies have intermitten skin and ear infections. Vomiting, excessive gassiness and diarrhea are other symptoms.

After the symptoms, you need to find out the cause – for the failure to do so might cause the allergies to return. Generally speaking, dairy, beef, chicken and even wheat are the common causes of allergies. However, it isn’t that your dog will eat either of these items in the night and the allergy will start the next morning.

Rather, it will take weeks – even months, between the food intake and the allergy to start. It means that you might not see the allergy coming. What you can do, however, is always give your dog hypoallergenic food. In this way, you’ll be making your dog safe from any chances of contracting such hypersensitivity.

Here is the best dog food for dog with allergies:

Dehydrated Minimalist Limited Ingredient Dog Food by Honest Kitchen

Experts tell us that for dog with allergies, the best diet lies in grain-free food. By providing grain-free turkey as the main component, this food provides exactly that.


First thing first, this dog food comes in five flavors, of which we have selected only one for this review: the Turkey and Parsnip flavor. This flavor has been recommended by maximum users and hence enjoys a good standing.

Experts tell us that parsnip – due to its advantages, is a super-food for pets. Since it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the parsnip is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal abilities. As a result, a dog with food sensitivities will have no problem eating a parsnip-rich food item.

What’s more, some users complain that most packaged raw foods make their dog fat, which is lethal, to say the least. Consequently, you need to give your food which isn’t easily soluble – as it won’t allow him to eat more than what he needs.

It is where, once again, parsnip comes to play a role. Parsnip contains a good amount of dietary fibers which are water soluble, meaning they won’t get digested very early. During this time – the time between the food intake and when it digests, the stomach of your dog will remain full. As a result, his weight will remain under control.

Finally, as the name of this product might suggest, it processes minimally. It means that the original texture and the flavor of natural food items are unadulterated. The lack of processing time also means that the nutrients, which form the natural ingredients of this food item, will come preserved in the whole package.


  • Has Anti-fungal, Anti-Inflammatory food ingredients
  • Would keep your dog’s weight under control
  • Dehydrated to provide maximum nutrition
  • Contains no preservatives or by-products


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

If you think you can spend a bit over the odds to maintain your dog’s health, the Dehydrated Minimalist Limited Ingredient Dog Food by Honest Kitchen is a must-have.

Brothers Complete Turkey Meal and Egg Advanced Allergy Formula

If you love the previous dog food – but couldn’t afford to buy it, this one is the second-best option. Available at a considerable price, it comes in 25lb packaging, which means you won’t have to rush again to Amazon to buy it again.


They say that to judge a food item, take a look at its ingredients. If the ingredients are great, the food will be good. Applying this maxim to this food, we can say – with evidence, that this is an above-average dry food item.

Containing dry hydrated chicken liver – which, in turn, contains both proteins and fats in abundance, it is a complete food-package for your dog.

Another ingredient worthy of your attention is pumpkin. Containing beta-carotene, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, pumpkin has always been the go-to ingredient for dog lovers when they want something nutritious for their puppy.

However, even when combined, both the abovementioned ingredients do not make this food as valuable as the addition of one single element: flaxseed.

Thanks to the mammoth 19% protein, flaxseed is known as the best non-animal source of Omega-3 fatty acids. What’s more, since this dog food involves grinding flaxseed into the meal, it has taken full advantage of its soluble fiber content.

While I could go on with the list of useful ingredients, I would mention only one before ending this product’s review: inulin. A starch like compound, you can gauge the importance of inulin from the fact that it is recommended by vets to increase the formation of healthy bacteria in your puppy’s diet.


  • Prebiotic – prom otes the formation of healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract
  • Contains high amounts of dietary fiber
  • Has a rich protein content
  • Nutritious


  • The percentage of carbs is below average

Final Verdict

To put everything into perspective – while Brothers Complete sells this dog-food by highlighting its90% Animal proteins, it also contains a considerable percentage of meat. Both these products, when combined, make it a must-have for your dog.

Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety

Containing no gluten or grain – both substances which exacerbate sensitivity, this dog food is rich in animal proteins and Omega 3/Omega 6 fatty acids. Also, the presence of green tea extract has provided it with a good taste and delicious aroma.


Although the Brothers Complete Turkey Meal had many plus points, its only shortcoming was the lack of carbohydrates. However, with the presence of peas – which are known as a huge source of carbs, the Limited Ingredient Diet is rich in the carbohydrates.

Also, the presence of peas also means that this dog food is rich in dietary fiber, an ingredient which balances your dog’s weight. That said, the presence of peas is a double edged sword.

For, where at one end they provide carbs, peas also contain about 25% protein, on the other. Put simply, if you want to add less meat to a dog food – but want to get same protein contents, you’d add peas. Consequently, the presence of peas in considerable amount raises questions about the meat content.

What’s more important, however, is the presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in this food. Although they won’t act as hypoallergenic – which is why you won’t find them in many hypoallergenic food items, both these fatty acids do something more.

For example, both these fatty acids combine to improve the health of your dog’s coat and skin. Also, if your dog has dry, flaky skin, dull coat, hair loss or dermatitis, doctors usually recommend the intake of these fatty acids. For, they combine to strengthen the immune system of your dog hence shielding him from diseases.


  • Fatty acids give your dog a soft coat
  • Tasty and has a wonderful aroma
  • Contains less fat and calories to maintain your dog’s weight


  • Doesn’t contain probiotics, materials that help with digestion.

Final Verdict

Limited Ingredient Dog Food by Nature’s Variety is highly nutritious, anti- inflammatory and a great source of fatty acids that promote the health of the dog’s skin and coat.

Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Of all the dog foods we have reviewed in this article, none has earned this much praise from users. Is the praise justified? Let’s find out.


One ingredient which has made this dog food famous is a fresh duck. However, it won’t be wrong to assume that this ingredient, on its own, wouldn’t have delivered the 95% protein content as claimed by Nature’s Variety.

Rather, it is the pres ence of fresh chicken and eggs alongside duck in the final recipe which has made this food protein rich. Quantitatively speaking, all three ingredients have combined to provide 47% of the crude protein as that provided by this dog food. Put simply, all three of them – and not any one, is the reason why this food is rich in proteins.

After the proteins, this dog food also contains a generous amount of carbohydrates. Two ingredients: ground flaxseed and tapioca, deserve the praise in this case. With both being grain-free and gluten-free – two components which you should avoid at all costs, flaxseed also contains a small amount of healthy fat.

However, as you might guess, the meager amount of fat as delivered by flaxseed wouldn’t have been enough to meet the expert recommended 17% crude fat limit.

Consequently, to meet this criterion, Nature’s Variety relied on the fat-rich canola oil. And as you might guess from the fat content of canola oil, its presence indicates that you’d get 17% crude fat from this dog food.

To summarize everything, if you want a dog food which is protein rich, has a considerable amount of carbs, and also contains crude fat, your search ends with the Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Recipe Dog Food.


  • Contains anti-oxidants to improve your dog’s digestive health
  • Devoid of grain, corn, wheat and any artificial colors
  • Rich in proteins
  • Contains considerable amounts of carbs and fats


  • Contains some synthetic supplements

Final Verdict

Although a quality product, a mere glance at this dog food’s features should suggest that there is still a small room for improvement.

Fromm Family Foods 4 Star Lamb and Lentil 26 lb Dry Dog Food

Thereare two ways companies usually sell their products in the market: good brand name or low price. However, Fromm – when compared with bigger brands like Nature’s Variety, offers neither with this item. In fact, this item is the costliest of this review. Hence, it has to do unprecedentedly well to lure you.

Can it do that? Let’s find out.


Why did they add lamb in this food item, you might ask? Well, there are various reasons. For one, lamb is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is an excellent source of protein. What’s more, it contains nutrients like zinc, selenium, and Vitamin B12 in rich quantity.

While the former substances – the Omega 3-fatty acids, means that it will care for your dog’s skin and coat, the latter ones – including proteins and zinc, will provide a rich source of nutrition. Consequently, not only lamb will work to improve the health of your dog, but the presence of fatty acids means that it will also preserve it.

What about Lentils, I hear you ask? Unlike lamb, lentils – also known as rice in common parlance, have no omega-3 fatty acid or proteins. Rather, they contain highly digestible carbohydrates for your dog to provide excellent digestibility and large amounts of dietary fiber.

Since this food item uses both lamb and lentils in unison, it makes for a high digestible, nutrient rich diet for dogs of all ilks.

That said, ifyour dog is sensitive to grains, he might not be able to use this item. For, in the form of lentils, this food item contains a large proportion of grains. You need to take this fact into consideration before buying this food item.

Note: Just like the first product of this review, this one comes in multiple favors, of which we have selected just one (the Lamb and Lentil) for the sake of review


  • Nutrient-rich
  • Easily digestible
  • Improves the immune system of your dog
  • Provides generous amount of dietary fiber


  • Won’t suit dogs who are allergic to grains

Final Verdict

If your dog isn’t allergic to grains – and you have deep pockets, only then go for the Lamb and Lentil dog food from Fromm.


We know how difficult it can be to feed a dog who has gone allergic to certain food items. Since you have come this far, you will testify that we have made an effort to help. Select any of the items mentioned above, and your dog’s sensitivity problems will be gone forever.

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