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Bark Collar Reviews – Best Bark Collar

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Ask your neighbors, and they might agree with the idea which claims:

You need the best bark collar for your dog.

In case you are worried whether it’s humane or not to silence your dog with a bark collar, don’t be. The Best Bark collars work by spreading vocal-chord vibrations in and around your dog’s neck. These vibrations do not hurt him as they just surprise him. After a few surprises, he’ll remain quiet for the rest of the day.

Another concern which most people have regarding the ordinary bark collars is their “ability” to pick up other noises – like other dogs bark, to correct your dog. It means that whether or not your dog has hurt your neighbor’s ears, he’ll be forced to silence.

To be honest, it is where this article comes into play.

Deducing from bark collar reviews, we have only selected the best bark collars for this article. All of them have sensors which can differentiate your dog’s bark from the riffraff. Hence, there will be no surprises unless your dog asks (or “barks”) for them.

Below mentioned are the five best bark collars:

K9KONNECTION Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar

Although a little expensive, this dog bark collar lets you control two dogs at once, hence offering some justification of its lofty price tag. That doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot buy a single collar, minus the subsidy which comes with buying two products.


As you might know already, not all dogs have the same temper, which means each of them might succumb to different levels of vibration. Keeping this fact in consideration, K9KONNECTION have equipped this collar with 16 shock levels.

What’s more, to complement your dog’s attitude, this bark collar offers three training modes: Shock, vibrate and tone, in the decreasing order of magnitude. That is, if your dog has a mild attitude, you can silence him with a mere beep. However, if he has gone astray, you might turn to shocks.

Also, if you live up north, this dog bark collar offers you yet another incentive: it comes waterproof. Even if you don’t, the collar being waterproof means you won’t have to take it off every time your dog decides to take a plunge in the nearby pool.

Despite the fact that it is rechargeable, nobody likes recharging a bark collar every now and then. Paying heed to this fact, K9KONNECTION have equipped this bark collar with a sleep mode. Hence, when your dog is sleeping, you can set the collar to sleep mode to save battery.


  • Extended range
  • Can train two dogs at once
  • Collar is waterproof
  • Fits dogs between 15 and 100lbs


  • Battery time is less

Final Verdict

If you have got two little pups who just won’t stop making their voices heard, this bark collar might be a godsend for your ears. It is fully waterproof, has a generous range and fits a large range of dogs’ neck sizes.

SportDOG Brand NoBark SBC-R Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

Ultra-expensive, this dog bark collar comes loaded with features. That said, the features have to be extra-brilliant to justify such a lofty price tag.

Will they do the same? Let’s find out.


Do you live in a house full of dogs? Have one dog whose dark dwarfs all the rest? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, say hello to the Salient Partner Technology at play here. Extremely efficient, this technology enables the collar to differentiate a particular dog’s bark from the rest. It means it won’t “punish” your dog for someone else’s crimes.

Another notable feature comes in the form of selectable modes: of which there are three in number. Firstly, if your dog has a bad temperament, you can use the Temperament Learning Mode to calm him down.

Secondly, if you want to give your dog a warning before the shock, you can use the Progressive Correction Mode for long lasting effects. In this mode, the correction, at first, won’t be more than a beep. However, with every bark, its intensity will increase, stopping when your dog stops barking.

Thirdly, if you consider yourself an expert, you can activate the User-Selected Mode. That said, if you are a novice, ten levels of static simulation have been provided. Activate them, and the collar will work on its own.

As for the battery – in addition to being rechargeable, it has a generous running time of 200hours per charge. What’s more, you can fully charge it within 2hours. It means you won’t have to keep the collar plugged in at all hours.


  • Have three selectable modes
  • Waterproof
  • Battery lasts 200hours per charge
  • Has a built-in safety feature


  • Ultra-expensive

Final Verdict

For dog lovers who can afford to dish out extra money for added comfort, this dog bark collar merits a glance. Also, since it has a built-in safety feature, there are fewer chances of anything going wrong.

PetSafe Elite Dog Bark Control Collar

Some dogs have the tendency to develop skin allergies after wearing bark collars. This collar, thanks to its nylon covering, won’t result in any such malfunctions. Hence, you can strap it around your dog’s neck with zero doubts.


The one thing about this collar which impressed me the most was its safety shut-off feature. Unlike cheap bark collars, it won’t continue to produce sensations unless your dog stops barking. Rather, after 80seconds, the shutoff feature will stop the collar from correcting. This feature is extremely useful if something is nagging your dog.

Secondly, all ten levels of static correction come in the progressive form. Put simply, it means that no matter what the intensity level you have selected, the warnings will always start from the lowest level, hence giving your dog the time to stop barking before intensity increases.

Another reason why you may want to buy this bark collar is its bark detection technology. Called as “Perfect” by PetSafe, this technology will prevent the collar from falsely correcting your dog. What’s more, this technology enables the collar to differentiate your dog’s bark from that of your neighbor’s. Consequently, the chances of false correction are extremely slim.

Finally, one thing which about this collar which left me unimpressed was its battery. For reason known only to its manufacturers, a PetSafe battery has been used here. It means if/when you want to replace the battery, you’ll have to contact PetSafe.


  • Brilliant for small to medium sized dogs
  • Has an automatic, safety shut-off feature
  • Every correction level is progressive
  • Perfect Bark Detection mitigates the likelihood of false corrections


  • Battery isn’t that great

Final Verdict

Whether you have a little or a big dog, the fact this collar comes in two sizes means it’ll be able to handle both. That said, the brand of the battery means there might not be many choices if you want to replace it.

YISCOR Dog Training Collar

Of all the bark collar reviews mentioned in this article, this collar is certainly the most inexpensive. That doesn’t mean that YISCOR has compromised on the features to lower the price tag.

Doubt my claim? Scroll down to remove all your doubts about this product.


Tell me: how can a manufacturer demonstrate its confidence in its product? Yes, by giving lifetime warranty for it. As you may have guessed by now, YISCOR does just that by giving lifetime warranty to US-based users. Hence, if you go for this collar, you have virtually nothing to lose.

After giving such a statement of intent, YISCOR has further upped the ante by providing 100 levels of vibration and electric shocks. It means no matter how gentle or ill-tempered your dog is, this collar will take care of him

Despite it slow price, YISCOR has taken a brave decision to provide two collars at the same price. Yes, you can control two dogs at once with the same remote which has been equipped with two channels to do the same.

Finally, proving true your worst fears, some cost cutting measures have been employed in the range of this collar. For, it offers only 300yards of range control – compared to 400yards+ offered by all the previous collars. So you cannot let your dog loose for far too long if you are using this collar.


  • Easy to use, no software required
  • Inexpensive yet offers two collars in the price of one
  • Have 100 levels of vibration
  • Waterproof


  • Range isn’t enough

Final Verdict

If you never let your dogs go away from your eyes when outside, I don’t see why limited range would be a problem. And if that isn’t a problem, nothing ever will be.

Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar

Leading us back to the territory of ultra-expensive bark collars is the YS300 from Dogtra. Luckily, as you’ll see for yourself, the features have done more than enough to complement the price tag.


Despite all their usefulness, most dog bark collars have a common problem: they just won’t fit extra-small dogs i.e. Yorkies or huskies. Thankfully, this collar has such a strap which enables it to handle dogs as small as weighing 10lbs. Hence, if you have an extra-small dog, this is the collar you need to have.

Since we are talking about extra-small dogs, we know that some of them might not be able to handle electrical simulations. Taking care of this matter is the non-electrical simulation which precedes every simulation. This feature is especially useful for dogs who are mild or are just new to the training regime.

As for the battery, Dogtra has gone for the Li-Polymer battery. In addition to lasting longer than their Nickel-cadmium counterparts, these batteries are lightweight, pliable and rugged, meaning they won’t explode even after excessive abuse.

Turning our attention to the training method employed by this collar, it has seven levels of correction, six intensity levels, and a bark recognition technology. While the former two combine to ensure this collar is suitable for a wide variety of dogs, the latter one will take care of dog’s comfort by mitigating false corrections.


  • No false alarms
  • Quick Battery charging
  • Can fit extra-small dogs
  • Non-electrical simulation to warn the dogs before the actual correction


  • It is a bit bulky

Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a bark collar which will last years, your search ends here. Though a little expensive, this bark collar has all the attributes to last a lifetime.


To make sure that you don’t have to, we drew in on bark collars reviews to get the best bark collar for your dog. As promised at the start of this article, all these collars will keep the safety of your dog paramount while in operation. Consequently, all of them are safe to use.

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