Best Dog Shampoo

Some dogs have the unwavering “ability” to get themselves into trouble every often. If not anything else, such troubles leave one thing behind nasty smells. However, since dogs don’t have advisors like Mr. Trump to cover their follies, they need your help.

It is where the best dog shampoos will save the day.

Regardless of their brand name, all best puppy shampoos have three things in common. First, they are gentle on the dog’s sensitive skin. Consequently, they won’t cause any allergy.

Second, the best dog shampoos have the fragrances to deodorize his skin. As a result, the smell which we mentioned at the start of the article will phase out.

Third, these puppy shampoos won’t strip out the oils which form the top layer of your dog’s skin. In this way, they won’t deprive your dog of the natural protection provided by his top skin layer.

Can You Use Your Shampoo for Your Dog?

You might wonder: since every shampoo does the same work, shouldn’t I be using my shampoo on my dog, right?

Nope, you shouldn’t do that.

Here’s the reason. Your skin is different from your dog’s. To give one example, while the pH of human skin is between 5.2 and 6.2, that of a dog’s skin ranges between 5.5 and 7.5.

What difference does the pH makes, I hear you ask?

A lot. For one, your dog’s upper skin has an acid mantle, one which protects everything lying underneath. Using a human shampoo will destroy this mantle, hence exposing the skin to attacks from bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Once these bacteria start to gain ground, the smell which you so wanted to forget will come back.

Besides this, your shampoo may dry out his skin. Consequently, your dog will have no choice but to scratch himself, resulting in abrasions. These abrasions, in turn, will make it easier for bacteria to invade your dog’s skin. As a result, you would have no choice but to take a costly trip to the local vet.

Now, let me ask you a question: are you willing to take part in this avoidable mess?

Good, me neither.

Scroll down to get the best shampoo for your dog.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dog Shampoo

There’s nothing more frustrating that coming home after buying a dog shampoo and finding it doesn’t suit your dog. To make sure you don’t face this situation, the following factors will help:

Condition of Your Dog’s Skin

If your dog’s skin is in great shape, Wonderful! You’ve no need to look for exotic materials in his shampoo, just a normal dog shampoo will do. However, if he has itchy skin, your search for the best dog shampoo just got a little bit complicated.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Honey, and Oatmeal are the natural ingredients you should be looking for in your dog’s shampoo if he has itchy skin.

More importantly, never go near a shampoo which claims of being artificially scented. For, these shampoos contain artificial chemicals which will only worsen the condition of the dog’s already sensitive skin.

When You are Busy

All of us love our dogs and want to give them every bit of our time. However, some of us are busier than others, meaning they can’t afford to give extra time to their dogs.  If you belong to this category of dog owners, you need a waterless dog shampoo.

Yes, they do exist – and alongside wipes, they will make life easy, both for your dog and yourself. Hence, if you have less time or your dog just hates water, these shampoos are what you – and him – need.

When You Want To Give Him A Shiny Look

Whether it is because he takes poor diet or he suffers from failing health, your dog might become dull and lusterless. To restore the healthy shine which made him a legend back in the day, look for a dog shampoo which contains proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

When His Coat is Oily

Oil on a dog’s coat comes when his skin is removing grease and sebum in excess. To counter greasy/oily skin, choose a shampoo that is specifically formulated to deal with these nuisances. For example, the Ark Naturals Neem Protect Shampoo is one I normally recommend. In case the problem has become severe, go for a medicated shampoo like Pyoben.

To Control Ticks and Fleas

If your pet has been infested with ticks or fleas, you need to bathe him with a flea and tick-shampoo. Apart from their tag, flea and tick-shampoos have two things to justify their usability. First, their majority components have a natural origin. Second, they have pyrethrin – a substance which kills fleas and ticks by attacking their nervous system.

To Control Shedding

Some dogs have the ability to shed their hair faster than most. If you want to reduce their shedding, regular shampooing is a must. Apart from this, you need to bathe him with a shampoo containing antioxidants, amino acids, and healthy oils. These substances, apart from controlling excess shedding, will leave your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

To Control fungal and Bacterial Overgrowth

There are three symptoms of bacterial and fungal overgrowth in your pet: itching, skin irritation and odors. If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms, bathe him with a medicated pet shampoo. These shampoos have the necessary antibacterial/antifungal properties to rid your dog’s skin of bacteria and fungus.

To Remove Tangles

Every time you’ll shampoo your dog, his skin will become dry. This is a major factor in the formation of tangles. Afterward, you’re left with two options to remove tangles. Either you can stop shampooing your dog – not recommended – or you can start using a conditioner – recommended. The conditioner has the necessary oils to add the flair back to your dog’s hair, without resulting in a nasty odor.

Ingredients To Avoid When Buying the Best Dog Shampoo

While there are some ingredients which you must look for in a dog shampoo, there are others which need avoiding at all costs. Let’s take a look at the latter ones:

Colorants or Added Dyes

People use colorants or added dyes after complaining that their dog’s skin has started to fade. What they don’t know is that most of these added dyes are carcinogens – they cause cancer. For, most of them originate from coal tar which is also a carcinogen. Thus, better avoid them.

Added Fragrances

There are two types of fragrances added in dog shampoos: artificial and natural. While the natural fragrances are safe, the artificial ones cause allergies, skin sensitivity, nausea and other health problems. Hence, if you want your dog to have a good fragrance, use a shampoo which has organic essential oils.


Look at any cheap cosmetic product, and you might come up with a paraben in its list of ingredients. Examples of parabens include methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben etc. These substances are known for causing breast cancer. Hence, as their direct substitute, you can look for citrus seed extras and natural Vitamins in shampoos.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Mainly used as detergents in cosmetic products, they are known for causing skin irritation, eye irritation, and injuries to the upper digestive tract. As their substitute, you can instead use shampoos that include olive oil, coconut oil or any other natural fatty oil.

DEA and Cocamide

Used as foaming agents in dog shampoos, both these substances are known for causing cancer. Avoid them.

Product Reviews

Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo, 17-ounce

Have you been looking for a shampoo which, in addition to smelling great, also gives a clean sheen? If your answer is in the affirmative, you’re in dreamland with the Top Performance Pet Shampoo.


It doesn’t matter how good a shampoo is, how much flair it adds to your dog and even how much bacteria it kills unless it doesn’t smell good.

Luckily, while this shampoo has other qualities as well, its smell is sweet and long lasting. That is, if you want your dog to be remembered by onlookers for his brilliant scent, give him a good bathe with this shampoo.

However, even if you aren’t concerned with aesthetics – and wants the shampoo to perform some “real” tasks, it ticks the right boxes, again. For one, if your dog has tangled hair most of the time – one which requires an eternity from you to comb out, this shampoo, by preventing the formation of mats and tangles, will make your life easy.

When a dog’s shampoo does so much – and costs so little as this one – you should question its concentration. For, it is the ordinary shampoos which usually do so much while costing so little.

Thankfully, as suggested by the formulation of this shampoo, its pH is same as that of your dog’s coat and skin. In other words, it will act naturally on both, hence damaging neither.

Lastly, unlike other products in this review, this one has multiple packaging options. For example, if you want it to last longer, you can buy a 5-Gallon tank. Conversely, you can buy as little as17ounce, so the choice is yours to make.


  • Gives off a brilliant fragrance
  • Allows easier comb-outs
  • Prevents the formation of mats and tangles
  • Has a pH matching that of your dog’s skin


  • It gets a bit watery when diluted according to instructions.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to use it for one month for testing purposes – or want to bathe your dog with it for eternity, this shampoo, thanks to its multiple packaging options, offers both.

DVM HyLyt Shampoo (1 Gallon)

One of the costliest shampoos of this review, the DVM HyLut Shampoo is one which is equally beneficent for the sensitive and normal skin. As you might guess, this versatility greatly enlarges the “consumers” which it can serve.


Though a shampoo, you can also use it as a conditioner. Have doubts? Look at the Hypoallergenic Crème – an ingredient of this shampoo – before deciding. As a conditioner, the crème contains ceramides which aid in repairing, moisturizing and even restoring damaged, dry skin.

That is if your dog is suffering from damaged skin currently – or has suffered from it in the past, this hypoallergenic crème would do well to both prevent the return and expansion of skin damage. That said since it is highly concentrated, you’d do well to avoid its contact with your dog’s eyes.

Furthermore, in its bid to treat dry, damaged skin, this dog shampoo contains several humectants as its ingredients. As experts tell us, humectants are moisturizers used in the cosmetic industry either for retaining or preserving moisture. Put simply, your dog’s skin won’t dry out, hence saving him from the rashes which come alongside dry skin.

Moreover, in a bid to justify its high price tag, this shampoo also contains a mixture of emollients and emulsifiers. While the former softens and soothes skin, the latter allows easy lather formation during bathing.


  • Softens and soothes your dog’s skin
  • Moisture it to prevent the resurgence of dryness
  • Allows easy lather formation


  • Relatively expensive
  • Isn’t tear-free

Final Verdict

If you think you can save your dog’s eyes while bathing, there is no reason why this shampoo won’t benefit.

Furminator Deshedding Shampoo, 1 Gal.

Do you want to buy a dog shampoo which might last forever? Congrats, your wish has been approved in the shape of Furminator Deshedding Shampoo. Due to its extra-large size, you won’t have to buy a dog shampoo ever again.

Have doubts about my claim? Scroll down to quash them.


Some dog owners, in the pursuit of better health of their dog, end up buying shampoos with added chemicals. While these shampoos might do some good, they do more harm. For, due to their chemical concentration, they disturb the concentration of your dog’s skin. Consequently, it becomes exposed to attacks from bacteria and viruses.

Thankfully, this shampoo has no added chemical preservatives.

Rather, to take their place, it is flooded with organic products i.e. Omega 3, Omega 5, Fatty Acids and Papaya Leaf Extract. As a result, there is no danger of this shampoo disturbing your dog’s skin. What’s more, these substances will also reduce shedding.

How I hear you ask?

Well, dogs shed hair when they get dry and brittle, hence more prone to falling out. This shampoo won’t ket this happen by moisturizing your dog’s hair. What’s more, it will also retain the moisturization for longer periods. As a result, the rate of hair shedding will drop.

Another advantage, which stems from the ability of this shampoo to stop shedding, lies in its ability to promote healthy coat and skin.

As we have already mentioned, this shampoo will moisturize your dog’s hair. This moisturization won’t stay limited to the top of the hair, rather, it will touch the hair follicles, hence contacting with skin. As a result, not only the coat but also your dog’s skin will become healthy.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Brings down shedding to a manageable level
  • Has a sweet scent
  • Promotes the health of both your dog’s coat and skin


  • Highly concentrated, can only be used once every month

Final Verdict

All said, if you have grown fed up of collecting your dog’s hair – and want to do something, this shampoo is a must-have.

Earthbath Tea Tree and Aloe Concentrated Shampoo

Although Deshedding shampoos do work, they have one minor problem: their concentration. It means you cannot use them every few days. Hence, if you love bathing your dog once every fortnight, his shampoo needs not to be highly concentrated.

It is why we selected the Earthbath Tea Tree Shampoo for you. Let’s take a look at how it might help you.


If there is one thing dogs hate more than sitting all the time, it is the shampoos which produces tears. What’s worse, if the owner pays a little attention while bathing him, his tears are likely to go noticed. Hence, if you cannot concentrate on your dog’s eyes when you are washing him, you need this shampoo.

Why? Tears won’t come out of your dog’s eye if you are using this shampoo. Lowly concentrated, this shampoo won’t cause a tear in your dog’s eye. You can scrub it all over his face, and he would have no problems whatsoever.

Secondly, if your dog has sensitive skin, the presence of Aloe-Vera in this shampoo makes it a must-have. As veteran dog owners might testify, Aloe Vera is known for its soothing effect on the skin. As a result, vets recommend Aloe Vera for dogs who have rashes or sensitive or dry skins.

After Aloe Vera, another ingredient which you might have noted in this shampoo is tea tree oil. Although not as famous for dogs as Aloe Vera, the Tea Tree Oil does the trick. With no pyrethrin or synthetic chemicals, it will both soothe and cleanse your dog’s skin, reducing skin irritations in the process.

Finally, if your dog frequently exposes himself to skunk exposures, there is another reason he needs this shampoo: its all natural formula.

For, unlike other hypoallergenic shampoos, this one is made up of gentle, organic ingredients. Consequently, in addition to taking care of old skin irritations, it will also prevent the rise of new ones.


  • Contains No harsh Chemicals
  • No tears
  • Produces thick lather and gives off great smell
  • Very easy to rinse


  • Won’t help for flea Control

Final Verdict

Even if your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin, the application of this shampoo will give him an unmatched scent.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Dogs have the innate ability to shed damaged or old hair. While there is nothing wrong in shedding, there is everything wrong if your dog starts to shed his hair abnormally. In case you have to deal with a dog who is undergoing this phase, you need to try this shampoo.


You might ask: how will this shampoo stop my dog’s shedding? Well, two ingredients come to play, the first of which is oatmeal.

Typically used in human beauty products, Oatmeal is known for its moisturizing ability. Put simply, since it can normalize our skin’s pH, it can reduce the presence of old, loose hair. Consequently, when there would be no loose, dull hair, the shedding will automatically stop.

While oatmeal moisturizes a dog’s skin, its counterpart – Aloe Vera – has a soothing effect on it. As a result, dogs become less prone to rashes, which, in turn, reduces the itchiness in their skin. Finally, this lack of skin irritation alleviates them of the misery of scratching their skin every few seconds.

Another notable feature of this shampoo is the mixture of vanilla and almond extracts scents. This mixture, in turn, gives your dog a beautiful scent.

Lastly, a shampoo would be useless for a dog owner if it doesn’t lather easily.  After all, who would like to spend half an hour just waiting for the shampoo to make some lather? Luckily, this shampoo – due to the presence of natural ingredients, lathers pretty quickly.


  • Comes in biodegradable packaging
  • Mixture of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera reduces shedding
  • Vanilla and Almond Extracts combine to give your dog a beautiful scent
  • Lathers very easily


  • Scent of the shampoo isn’t that strong,

Final Verdict

With a gentle formulation, an all-natural composition and beautiful smell – not to mention its ability to heal sensitive skin, this Earthbath shampoo deserves both your money and attention.


All of the abovementioned dog shampoos are best in their right. Still, if you believe that we missed a valuable shampoo – or included an undeserving one, please let us know. Also, if any of these shampoos help in making the life of your dog better, we’ll be looking forward to your appreciation.